Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dump Trailers needed for Tornado Cleanup

It was absolutely devastating what that tornado did to the small towns around Oklahoma City. I have relatives that live up in the northeast part of Oklahoma and was calling them to find out if any of their relatives needed help. A great deal of relief effort is already there now so I will talk about what needs to be done after that.
The debris that is left over from a tornado is enormous and must be dealt with swiftly to reduce the chances of vermin nesting and to find things of value in the mess. After families have done their best sifting thru what is left of their homes the process of cleanup can begin. This involves bobcats and loaders coming in to lift piles of broken wood and windows and put them in dumpsters and dump trailers to be hauled off. Every now and then the equipment operator may uncover a family treasure that he will set aside but in most cases all that is gone. All that is left is the repetitious movement of blade to the ground scraping up another pile of debris to be thrown out. Some people have their own heavy equipment while others will have to hire someone to do this. I imagine there will be a greater need for heavy equipment such as dump trucks for hauling debris, dump trailers and bobcats and loaders will be in high demand until the work is done. It will take months to get it all cleaned up. The local county and city governments will also be working around the clock to bring back some semblance of order to the chaos.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Head for the Hills-the Comet is Here

What will occur on May 25, 2006? Perhaps a planetary catastrophe originating from the Atlantic Ocean due to a medium size impact event. On this assumption, a series of giant waves, including one m├ęga tsunami almost two hundred meters in height, will be born from a succession of underwater eruptions. These watery giants, decreasing with distance, will touch the majority of the Atlantic coasts; in particular, those most at risk lie between the equator and the tropic of Cancer. The victims of May 25 2006 will be tens of millions. The devastated survivors will be more numerous still.
A heavenly object, hardly larger than a truck, but animated by an enormous kinetic energy - its speed will be approximately 40 kilometers/second - will strike the Earth after having crossed the thick atmosphere of 80 kilometers, then the oceanic depths of 1500 meters at this place, to reach and shake the zone of the dorsal the mid-Atlantic rift crossing from North to the South on the Atlantic ocean floor. Currently, tens of underwater volcanoes lie largely dormant, ejecting very small quantities of magma emerging from gigantic chambers. They will break out, heating the sea water to a boiling point.
This object is said to be a fragment from the 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 comet currently passing closest to the Earth on May 14, 2006-we are now passing thru the tail of the comet as I write this. On the east coast you can see shooting stars between 3-4am from it's meteorites as they fall into the earths atmosphere. May 16th Australians saw one meteorite burn thru and land see: Green Meteorite Lands In Australia
So if you are inland-and happen to survive the deluge than this is a great opportunity to get into the "after catastophe clean up business". You will need a really big dump trailer and perhaps a heavy duty Dumpster to aid in the cleanup effort. The waters from the Mega Tsunami will eventually recede and there will be a really big mess to cleanup.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Mess that Flooding Leaves Behind

Storm-weary New England residents waded out into a fifth day of rain Tuesday as the region's dams kept a tenuous hold against cresting rivers and evacuees wondered what remained of their homes after water filled their basements and surged over some rooftops.
Across northeastern Massachusetts, thousands of people fled submerged neighborhoods during the region's worst flooding in nearly 70 years. More than a foot of rain fell during the weekend in some areas.
Over the next few weeks many will be returning to the mess that the floods have left behind. Carpets will need to be removed and in some cases wooden floors and walls will need to be replaced. Soaked furniture will need to be thrown out. Books, newspapers, photos, anything that is water damaged will be piling up outside of homes as people try to salvage what is left. A Dumpster or dump trailer would come in handy in times like these. The waters will leave the streets and backyards strewn with debris, tree branches and leaves. As this dries out people will get tired of looking at it and start wanting to clean up the mess. The people of New England will persevere and life will go on.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dumpsters For Construction Sites

I had someone ask me what a dumpster could be used for so I came up with a list to help them decide if they needed one. Dumpsters can be used for Excavations, Demolition, Construction Site Cleanup as Construction Waste Containers, You can Rent them out as a Container Service, Rubbish Removal, Carting - Debris, Chemical Waste Disposal, Construction Clean Up, Garbage Disposal, for Interior Demolition Contractors, Pallet Recycling, Post Construction Clean Up, Recycling Waste Products, Trash Removal, Waste Reduction & Recycling, you could call it a Waste Removal System for Wood Waste Recycling to name a few uses. If you think you need one then you probably do and if you think you need a medium size dumpster than you probably actually need one even larger. Dumpster rentals run about $500 a month here in my area of Florida which includes having them picked up once or twice a month. So owning one you can dump yourself is very cost effective especially if you need it alot during the year. You can find many different sizes of Dumpsters and dump trailers at Florida Earth Movers

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Drought and Fires Wreak Havoc in Florida

Wildfires roaring across Interstate 95 in Brevard county have left the backyards of hundreds of homeowners covered in soot, ash and burned trees and shrubs. One man lost his entire collection of antique trucks to the flames. Homeowners tried in vain to water their lawns as the smoke started coming closer to them. The firefighters did the best they could to keep the flames away from homes but there was still alot of damage. Burned up cars, patio furniture, swing sets, everything you normally have in your back yard can burn and melt from the intense heat.
Times like these call for an enormous cleanup effort and it's not even summer yet. The drought here shows no signs of letting up, everyone is trying to conserve water, some people are worried their wells may run dry soon if we don't get some rain. These are unusual weather conditions for this time of year in this part of the country. A sign that we should all be prepared for more unusual weather ahead. Intense heat is what heats up the oceans and brings in those massive hurricanes. Even if you don't plan to stick around for the onslaught you will still be coming back to a mess to clean up afterwards. So now is the time to think about buying that dump trailer before you need it. Even if you don't need it you can be sure there will be someone that would pay to use it. Be sure to read the rest of my articles about which dump trailer to buy in the rest of this blog.