Thursday, March 30, 2006

Medium Size Dump Trailers are Easy to Haul

We were looking for an easy to haul dump trailer and ran across the trailers at Florida Earth Movers. This medium dump trailer is a dream come true! It is a deck over model and built tough but light enough to pull behind any truck. It is priced so anyone looking for a great dump trailer can afford it! If you are looking for a great dump trailer that is affordable and easy to haul behine your pickup this is the one.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Which Type of Dump Trailer to Choose

We do alot of land clearing and needed a new dump trailer so I searched the internet and found alot of different choices from many different manufacturers. I made some phone calls and asked lots of questions. I was especially pleased with the customer service from FEM they were very knowledgable and seemed to understand exactly what I was looking for. They recommended their Heavy Duty Dump Trailer because we could easily pull it behind our dually pickup truck. It is just the right size for the brush and debris we have to haul away. So if you are in the market for a heavy duty dump trailer give them a try-you will be glad you did.
Thanks for visiting my blog, Ann Menke

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Chipper Bodies for Pickup Trucks

We do alot of land clearing and find that using the wood chips as fill and to make properties look better around the borders is a great idea. We needed a way to haul the chips to other properties we were working on so found a great Chipper dump body for our pickup truck from Florida Earth Movers
It bolts on to the top rail of the dump truck and has four hooks mounted on each side of the top of it for easy installation and removal. It holds up to 10 1/2 cubic yards of material so there is plenty of room for storing wood chips for use with a large chipper. If you are looking for an easy to use chipper body this is just what you are looking for.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Finding a Trailer for your Car

We needed a trailer we could haul behind our 35 ft. RV to pull our car along with us on long trips so we shopped around and found a trailer that was easy to drive up on. It is the tilt trailer - the deck tilts and you drive on!
It is so much easier to use than the kind with the just enough room for the wheels that you have to worry about rolling off the side of. And it comes in many different sizes in case you only need one for a motorcycle or ATV. You can see car trailers here. If you are looking for an easy to use car or motorcycle trailer this is just what you've been looking for.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Utility Trailers for Our Landscaping Business

We are starting to get really busy this time of year doing landscaping here in Florida and having a good utility trailer is an absolute must. We needed one that could haul all our mowers, rakes, weedwackers, edgers and blowers as well as potted plants and small trees. So I shopped around and found just the ticket at Florida Earth Movers
They have all kinds of trailers to look at but I went straight for the one here landscaping trailer with all the standard features and ordered it with some of the options.
They come in all different sizes that you can comfortably haul behind a truck. My husband was so happy to finally get a new trailer and gave his old one to our son who is now joining us in the landscaping business. Of course we are hoping he goes to college after he finishes high school but it is a great way for him to make a lot of extra money this summer. He is already offering jobs to some of his classmates to help him and may end up being a boss himself before the year is out.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gooseneck Trailers are Easy to Haul

I have been looking into what would be the most functional type of trailer and I have found that a goose neck works great with my Dually pickup truck. It has a built in goose neck hitch so I shopped around for a dump trailer that had a gooseneck on it and came across the one on Gooseneck Trailer
It fit perfectly with my truck and I am able to use it to haul all kinds of debris, sand, mulch and landscape materials easily. I would highly recommend that if you are looking for a goose neck trailer to give them a visit. They also have a lot of other types of trailers for many different uses.
Whether you are looking for something for around the yard or need a dump trailer for big jobs they seem to have it all.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Storm Debris Cleanup

After all the news about global warming, bird flu and mad cow you just know that this year is going to be a bang up year for hurricanes. Knowing how the past 2 years have been here in Florida now is a good time to plan ahead and have good dump trailer on hand. Or at the very least a dump bed for your pickup for those big cleanup jobs. Even if you don't need it you or your teenagers can sure make money helping those that do. I found some great dump beds for pickups and ended up buying one for our Ford F150. We just threw all those palm fronds, branches and shovel fulls of debris in the bed and dumped it into a big pile for burning later. It was a whole lot easier than using a wheel barrow. We didn't get hit that bad around here so it was mostly yard cleanup but it was alot bigger than just plain yard work. We lost a few pine trees and maples that had to be cut up. So plan ahead and get yersef the biggest dump bed or dump trailer you can afford - I hear this years gonna be just as bad as last year if not worse. You can't help but think that looking at all the bad weather in the mid west and most recently Australia. We get tornadoes here too but I haven't seen anything that bad yet.
God Bless and hope you'all have a safe summer.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Cleaning up After Hurricanes

Last summer we bought a hurricane damaged building that needed alot of roof repairs and were faced with having alot of debris to cleanup. I looked into renting a dumpster but they wanted us to sign a year long contract which I felt we did not need. So that's when I looked into buying a dump trailer that we could haul ourselves.
After much comparison shopping I found the
heavy duty dumpster
It is great for disaster cleanup, roofing tear offs, hauling debris or other materials requiring large volumes that need dumping. So now we have our dumpster on wheels!
No monthly leasing costs and we take it all to the recycling dump which does not charge us.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Uses for Small Dump Trailers

We were doing some landscaping recently and I felt the need to find a really good small dump trailer that could be used for hauling debris and dirt on our property.
That's when I ran across small dump trailers they have a wide selection of large and small dump trailers for all kinds of uses.
The sales people were quite knowledgeable about what kind of trailer I would need for what it was I was trying to do.
We have quite a few acres of land that needs to cleaned up and their smallest model was just right. It is built with a heavy duty 12 Ga. floor and 14 Ga. sides. The double action tailgate is also built with 12 Ga. steel. The low 23" deck height makes it a breeze to load and the standard hand held remote control makes it the perfect package!