Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Mess that Flooding Leaves Behind

Storm-weary New England residents waded out into a fifth day of rain Tuesday as the region's dams kept a tenuous hold against cresting rivers and evacuees wondered what remained of their homes after water filled their basements and surged over some rooftops.
Across northeastern Massachusetts, thousands of people fled submerged neighborhoods during the region's worst flooding in nearly 70 years. More than a foot of rain fell during the weekend in some areas.
Over the next few weeks many will be returning to the mess that the floods have left behind. Carpets will need to be removed and in some cases wooden floors and walls will need to be replaced. Soaked furniture will need to be thrown out. Books, newspapers, photos, anything that is water damaged will be piling up outside of homes as people try to salvage what is left. A Dumpster or dump trailer would come in handy in times like these. The waters will leave the streets and backyards strewn with debris, tree branches and leaves. As this dries out people will get tired of looking at it and start wanting to clean up the mess. The people of New England will persevere and life will go on.