Friday, April 28, 2006

Super Storms Linked To Global Warming

One of the fiercest tropical storms to hit Australia has scientists and environmentalists concerned that global warming could lead to more super cyclones. Cyclones are what hurricanes are called in the Pacific so one could also say that global warming may also contribute to hurricanes as well. Ask anyone along the gulf coast and they will definitely say the ocean is like bathwater already and bound to get hotter. Even the raspberries here in Florida are ripening earlier. Is that a sign of global warming like so many other earlier than usual signs of spring and summer we are hearing about around the globe. Well with that in mind let's just assume we are going to get hit with weather as bad as if not worse than last year and be better prepared. Tune up your generator, set aside your survival gear and get plenty of food and water. It's gonna be a long hot summer. And don't just stand around wondering how you are gonna haul away all the mess that's left behind. Get a dump trailer. Isn't that a bit overkill you are saying. I think you have a better idea for hauling debris or are you gonna wait till you are standing there surrounded by it scratching your head wondering what to do. I hope you won't need a big dump trailer, maybe just a small one will do. But now is the time to think about it.