Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dumpsters For Construction Sites

I had someone ask me what a dumpster could be used for so I came up with a list to help them decide if they needed one. Dumpsters can be used for Excavations, Demolition, Construction Site Cleanup as Construction Waste Containers, You can Rent them out as a Container Service, Rubbish Removal, Carting - Debris, Chemical Waste Disposal, Construction Clean Up, Garbage Disposal, for Interior Demolition Contractors, Pallet Recycling, Post Construction Clean Up, Recycling Waste Products, Trash Removal, Waste Reduction & Recycling, you could call it a Waste Removal System for Wood Waste Recycling to name a few uses. If you think you need one then you probably do and if you think you need a medium size dumpster than you probably actually need one even larger. Dumpster rentals run about $500 a month here in my area of Florida which includes having them picked up once or twice a month. So owning one you can dump yourself is very cost effective especially if you need it alot during the year. You can find many different sizes of Dumpsters and dump trailers at Florida Earth Movers