Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dump Trailers needed for Tornado Cleanup

It was absolutely devastating what that tornado did to the small towns around Oklahoma City. I have relatives that live up in the northeast part of Oklahoma and was calling them to find out if any of their relatives needed help. A great deal of relief effort is already there now so I will talk about what needs to be done after that.
The debris that is left over from a tornado is enormous and must be dealt with swiftly to reduce the chances of vermin nesting and to find things of value in the mess. After families have done their best sifting thru what is left of their homes the process of cleanup can begin. This involves bobcats and loaders coming in to lift piles of broken wood and windows and put them in dumpsters and dump trailers to be hauled off. Every now and then the equipment operator may uncover a family treasure that he will set aside but in most cases all that is gone. All that is left is the repetitious movement of blade to the ground scraping up another pile of debris to be thrown out. Some people have their own heavy equipment while others will have to hire someone to do this. I imagine there will be a greater need for heavy equipment such as dump trucks for hauling debris, dump trailers and bobcats and loaders will be in high demand until the work is done. It will take months to get it all cleaned up. The local county and city governments will also be working around the clock to bring back some semblance of order to the chaos.