Monday, April 10, 2006

Hurricane Season Forecasters Predict 17 Hurricanes

Hurricane season is coming soon and as many of you saw on the news-there have been an inordinate number of tornadoes lately. I think this year is going to present more storms than last year-or at least just as many. According to the weather forecasters we will have 17 hurricanes this year-which is equal to the number last year and at least 5 of them will a category 3 or above. So I think it behooves everyone to be more prepared this time around.
One way of getting ready is to get a really good dump trailer for your pickup truck. Even if you don't end up needing it this year, you can still use it for yard work and I'm sure that you will find many neighbors that would love to rent it from you. If you get the kind that attaches to a trailer hitch it can be pulled by many different types of heavy duty pickup trucks. The Dump Trailers at Florida Earth Movers are reasonably priced and if you tell them what kind of vehicle you have to pull it with they can help you pick out which one would be best for you.