Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Utility Trailers for Our Landscaping Business

We are starting to get really busy this time of year doing landscaping here in Florida and having a good utility trailer is an absolute must. We needed one that could haul all our mowers, rakes, weedwackers, edgers and blowers as well as potted plants and small trees. So I shopped around and found just the ticket at Florida Earth Movers
They have all kinds of trailers to look at but I went straight for the one here landscaping trailer with all the standard features and ordered it with some of the options.
They come in all different sizes that you can comfortably haul behind a truck. My husband was so happy to finally get a new trailer and gave his old one to our son who is now joining us in the landscaping business. Of course we are hoping he goes to college after he finishes high school but it is a great way for him to make a lot of extra money this summer. He is already offering jobs to some of his classmates to help him and may end up being a boss himself before the year is out.