Sunday, April 30, 2006

Do I Need a Chipper Body

Do you do alot of tree cutting and branch trimming? Do you use a chipper that you own yourself or do you rent one? These are questions you are going to want to ask yourself before deciding whether you need a chipper body. A Chipper body can be put on the back of your pickup truck to collect the chips from the chipper. Then you can add these chips to a pile for selling retail or use them yourself for landscaping. If you do alot of land clearing you can create quite a substantial pile of wood chips that you can then sell for an added profit. Wood chips are in big demand in the spring time when people start to do more landscaping. They are used around trees and shrubs to give property a more professional finished appearance. You will see wood chips used alot around commercial landscaping and on medians as well. Depending on what type of look you want some landscapers use different colors and types of wood chips. One place that sells an easy to install chipper body is Florida Earth Movers. They have a wide selection of chipper body sizes and prices to choose from. Their Chipper body unit is manufactured with 10 and 12 gauge steel and weighs approximately 800 lbs. It bolts on to the top rail of the dump body and has four hooks mounted on each side of the top of it for easy installation and removal. When mounted on top of the standard dump body, the chipper will hold 10 1/2 cubic yards of material. I hope this information helps you to make a more educated decision about whether you need a chipper body and what size you would like to get.