Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Head for the Hills-the Comet is Here

What will occur on May 25, 2006? Perhaps a planetary catastrophe originating from the Atlantic Ocean due to a medium size impact event. On this assumption, a series of giant waves, including one m├ęga tsunami almost two hundred meters in height, will be born from a succession of underwater eruptions. These watery giants, decreasing with distance, will touch the majority of the Atlantic coasts; in particular, those most at risk lie between the equator and the tropic of Cancer. The victims of May 25 2006 will be tens of millions. The devastated survivors will be more numerous still.
A heavenly object, hardly larger than a truck, but animated by an enormous kinetic energy - its speed will be approximately 40 kilometers/second - will strike the Earth after having crossed the thick atmosphere of 80 kilometers, then the oceanic depths of 1500 meters at this place, to reach and shake the zone of the dorsal the mid-Atlantic rift crossing from North to the South on the Atlantic ocean floor. Currently, tens of underwater volcanoes lie largely dormant, ejecting very small quantities of magma emerging from gigantic chambers. They will break out, heating the sea water to a boiling point.
This object is said to be a fragment from the 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 comet currently passing closest to the Earth on May 14, 2006-we are now passing thru the tail of the comet as I write this. On the east coast you can see shooting stars between 3-4am from it's meteorites as they fall into the earths atmosphere. May 16th Australians saw one meteorite burn thru and land see: Green Meteorite Lands In Australia
So if you are inland-and happen to survive the deluge than this is a great opportunity to get into the "after catastophe clean up business". You will need a really big dump trailer and perhaps a heavy duty Dumpster to aid in the cleanup effort. The waters from the Mega Tsunami will eventually recede and there will be a really big mess to cleanup.

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Dan said...

We used our dump trailers after Katrina hit New Orleans. We delivered 100 of them which was basically all of the Dump Trailers for sale that we had on the lot. Had to manufacture quite a few but luckily we had plenty at the plant!